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Flavio studied Modern Dance at the University of Curitiba in Brazil for four years and was an active member of the Palavraçao drama company. He joined the Centro de Dança Latina Walmir Secchi dance school in 1999 as a full time teacher of tango and Brazilian dances.

In addition to his teaching, Flavio specialises in the production, choreography and performance of dance shows. One of his performances won 3rd prize at the Curitiba Dance Festival. In 2001, he created the show Libertango for Palavraçao, which was the starting point of the Tanguera show.

In December 2004, Flavio attended a 20 hours Tango seminar with Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne in Buenos Aires.

Flavio has now brought his natural and modern dance style and teaching skills to the UK, offering tango classes in Guildford, Portsmouth, Winchester and the Isle of Wight. He is now an established teacher, guest teacher and performer in the South of UK. He has been offered to give workshops in many countries (USA, South Africa, France...)

You can contact Flavio per email: info@tangowithflavio.co.uk

Alternatively you can contact him on his mobile on 07729 487 444.

About Tango with Flavio

Flavio is obviously making a living from teaching and performing tango. However, TangoWithFlavio is more than that: it is an informal community. Some people help organise venues, events, food, website, DVD... All of that is done in a friendly spirit of giving, sharing and collaboration in a non-commercial way. That is also what makes TangoWithFlavio something very special. This spirit is also shared by Flavio who does his best to make classes, events and private classes friendly, inspiring but also affordable. And of course, we also try to share our passion and understanding of Tango freely with everybody through the move of the month and the technique section.

About this website

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