tango with Flavio

Buenos Aires

picture of the obelisc

Photo of Taxi We went to Buenos Aires in December 2004 to attend a one week advanced workshop with the extraordinary Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne
This was extremely advanced, most attendees being teachers. It was absolutely fantastic, it gave such an insight to Tango, so many possibilities, ideas. Such an incredible style and level of perfection! This was a dream. 

Find below an non-exhaustive mini-guide!

Where to dance?

There are many, many places to choose from!! For a listing, get the “Tango map” in the Tourist information Center, we call it the dream map!

Photo of La Confiteria Ideal La Confiteria Ideal is one of the oldest places in the city to dance tango. You’ve probably seen it already… in tango films, such as “The Tango Lesson” by Sally Potter or “Tango” by Carlos Saura. You can dance there most evenings and afternoons. They regularly have live bands.

Photo of La Cathedral La Catedral gathers all the young crowd of Buenos Aires. The floor is not very good but otherwise it is an amazing place. It is also reassuring to see that tango is very lively in Buenos Aires!

Photo of La Marshall La Marshall: get a free show there! The best kept secret of Buenos Aires? This is the place where the professional dancers touring in international tango shows gathers to relax. For the pleasure of your eyes, your ears (the most extraordinary modern tango music selected by one of the most re-known Tango DJ of the city) and your feet (if you dare!)

Photo of Nino Bien Nino Bien is one of the most famous and traditional milongas in Buenos Aires.

Photo of La Boca La boca, the most known Buenos Aires area.