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May 06

A volcada

Video here

April 06

A back sacada followed by a woman barrida and a woman back sacada

Video here

A good exercise for keen tangueros is to right/left reverse the sequence... (In actual fact, it is a very good exercise to do all the time, with any sequence, in all classes you attend. It forces to think and deconstruct nicely the sequence.) Of course the sequence is now more difficult as the back sacada for the man is done whith his R leg, which is much more tricky due to the asymetrical tango embrace...)

March 06

A man pasada, back sacada followed by woman back sacada

Video here

That's it. Pretty nice, not too difficult to lead as long as the lady does not anticipate. Good exercise to alter this sequence so that after the man sacada, the man leads the lady in a backward step as he goes forward... so that the lady can't anticipate what will be coming after the man sacada...

February 06

A back and front boleo followed by a... (I don't know the name, send me the proper name if you know it!

Video here

That's it. Pretty easy this month. No, the intention is not to make you learn ready-made sequences, but it is a very efficient way of learning to study a few properly formed phrases. Once learned you're only half there, you need to de-construct it, and use the vocabulary in your own phrases...

January 06

Let's walk together...

Video here

Obviously, many combinations of such steps are possible. Trying out different combinations makes a very good leading/following exercise. Ok, that's it, Happy New Year to all Flavio's virtual students all over the world and see you next month.

December 05

Our christmas gift: a nice unusual barrida, pasada and sacada.

Simple, stylish, beautiful... that's tango...

November 05

Sequence of barridas

October 05

No description for this month, I am too busy!! However if you think the description is helpful and that we should provide one, then send us an email to let us know at moveofthemonth@tangowithflavio.co.uk!

September 05

That's it! See you next month for an other simple, stylish, modern tango move...

August 05

Volteo and boleo

Do I really need to say that this little sequence is as usual fully led? No, surely you know it by now! OK, see you next month!

July 05

A man sacada followed by a woman sacada

That's a really nice step, nice gift for the summer!

June 05

A sacada, turn and down

May 05

A sacada and gancho

As usual, this little sequence is fully led by the man...

April 05

As usual, that needs to be fully led by the man...

March 2005

A giro stopped by a double gancho

February 2005

A front pivot in a circling movement

January 2005

A back sacada and man gancho

One beat for every step, starting at position 5:

As always, even if not described above in terms of leading/following, this little sequence is fully led by the leader.