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Liber/Tango, Argentinian Tango Show, 2018 tickets are now available

Journey's End

(Picture:Flavio de Brito and Sarina Taylor Jouney's End, Roger Taylor official Music video 2017)

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Liber/Tango Argentinian Tango Show tickets are now available please check tour locations below.

Inspired by Argentina’s recent heart-rending past, Liber/Tango brings you an evening of Argentine tango and a story of strong will and liberty.

Irina was separated from her parents when she was a child during the dirty war in Buenos Aires. Now grow up, she is in search for her real parents, but her journey takes a turn back.

Hampshire-based choreographer, Flavio De Brito, leads his dance school in this new show which highlights the joy, beauty and passion of modern tango. Whether it’s for the dance, or the music, Liber/Tango is sure to strike a chord.

Libert/Tango 2018 tour

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Liber/Tango Argetinian Tango show

15th of June 2018 Chichester http://libertango2018.eventbrite.co.uk

17th of June 2018 Guildford https://electric.theatre/shows/libertango/

27th of June 2018 Bracknell http://www.southhillpark.org.uk/events/liber-tango/

14th of July 2018 Portsmouth https://www.newtheatreroyal.com/performances/libertango/

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